Thursday, March 7, 2019

I Got My Southwest Companion Pass! Woohoo!

Southwest Airlines got final approval to start flying to Hawaii and I'm ready. Look what showed up in my inbox this morning. Woohoo! 
Now we just need Southwest Airlines to start selling tickets. 
This is my third Southwest companion pass in the last 6 years. For those of you who don't know what this is. It is one of the best perks ever. 
The pass is a buy one get one FREE pass for two years on Southwest Airlines. Wherever I fly, I can take a companion for FREE. The companion must fly with me on the same itinerary and I can change my companion three times in a calendar year. 
So how did I earn the pass again?

This time, I opened two credit cards: 
1. The Southwest Business Credit Card - Minimum spend $3,000 and a $99 annual fee with a 60,000 point bonus. You also get 6,000 points on your anniversary. 
2. The Southwest Priority Credit Card - Minimum spend $1,000 and a $149 annual fee, but you get a $75 airline credit that can be used for tickets and a 40,000 point bonus. You also get 7,500 points on your anniversary and 4 upgraded boarding passes. 

Then I stayed at a hotel with two rooms on a layover back from South America and one night at another hotel and used the Rocketmiles website to book them so I earned another 5,000 bonus Southwest points. 

And bam, that was enough to earn 110,000 points by end of February. The pass is good through 12/31/2020. I already have two trips booked to the East Coast so I have saved over $2,000. That's how we do it at 

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